Believe in you!
Our Company
Who we are
Our company was founded out of love. Covenant’s main principles are customer’s obsession/love, passion for giving and our commitment to long-term goals.
Our aim has always been to have positive impacts on our communities, economy, employees, customers and small businesses. Covenanters are go-getters, smart and passionate with different backgrounds and goals, who share common desires to learn and provide the best on behalf of our customers.
This page was actually created to provide our opinions on certain issues surrounding us to customers, shareholders, visitors, partners, investors, policy makers, employees and others. Though our opinions are carefully considered and deeply held, there is still much room for healthy debate. We hope voicing our opinions are helpful.
- Golitshop
An online store designed to satisfy every customers need from clothing to automotive. Just everything you need and can think about! As our main principle is customer obsession, we seek to ensure customers be at ease from ordering their basic needs to getting quality products delivered.
- Najess
We look beyond competitors to provide the best quality vegan cosmetics for our customers whilst some brands base on profit. We enrich our products with quality vegan materials which help in contributing to great skin and body goals. Our products are cruelty free. We do not test are products on animals.
- Fog
A brand pushing you to believe in your self. We believe in empowering our society to believe in themselves. Once you believe in yourself, nothing is impossible. Fog is a clothing and shoe line with quality clothing made in USA and Europe. Whilst our shoes are made with quality Italian leather by Master Craftsman with long term experience.
I’m glad to see you all believe in our businesses and helping it grow. My main aim has always been to help the needy and eliminate hardship going around our various communities. Together with my team, we strive to bring you the best and quality products and also ensure better delivery. To all our employees and customers, there is nothing powerful than believing in yourself and staying focused. The world may laugh at you and look down on you as a beginner but never quit, keep pushing and you will get there. We promise to bring you the best all the time. Stay tuned for our numerous surprises to unfold. We love you and will always be there for you.
Stay Blessed!!!